Hello! Have fun with this little lotto ... or not ;)

How to play:

1. Send 0.005 BTC to 1DuogAXJquyNZ3SdK9zKqNzxjcmg7bP5jR

2. Then send an email to containing the bitcoin address from witch you made the payment.

3. Wait to see what you will get (usually delivered in less than 24h).


So what can I get? (The most important question of them all!)

You can win:

- 0.01 BTC
- 0.1 BTC
- Another random amount of bitcoin
- Random link from the dark web
- Random link from the clear web
- Random file (doc, pdf, video or audio file)

I don't care about other stuff I want only moneyyyyyyy

Good luck to you then. Find another place. We heard there are sites that multiply your bitcoins x100. Send your bitcoins to them and pray. Again good luck.

How do you send files?

We send links and stuff to your e-mail. BTC prizes will go directly to your bitcoin address.

Can I find those files and links by myself?

Yes, you can.

The why the **** I need this stuff from you?

Because both clear and dark nets are very big and you may never stumble upon those files or links. We only send stuff that we find interesting so give it a try.

Ok, I received what you have send me. I DON'T LIKE IT DUDE!!!!

Well, sorry for you. Try again or find another site on the net.

I have more questions

Good, send them to our mail.

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